Who are we?

We are a paediatric occupational therapy clinic located in Farnham, Surrey. We help babies and children up to the age of 18 develop the skills and strengths that are necessary for them to thrive in their everyday lives. 


Why are we different - our approach:

At TLC, we follow a Heart, Mind, Body and Soul approach. This simply means that:



Your child’s emotions are important to us and the first thing to support them is to help them to be emotionally regulated. We work hard at forming a therapeutic relationship with your child to help them feel safe and happy to come and see us.


As part of our therapy, we will always consider the child’s developmental age, their language and communication skills and their learning abilities to make sure that we can connect with them in a way that they understand.



Our assessment carefully considers your child’s sensory and motor skills that will help us work in partnership with you and your child to focus on the best way to help your child thrive.


Your child’s beliefs, values, culture are all important aspects that contribute to their uniqueness and tapping into what makes your child tick and what motivates them.  These aspects are the keys to engaging with them and support them by bringing our expert knowledge and skills in overcoming the barriers they face. 


Therapy intervention is a partnership between the therapist, child, their family and their school. At TLC we prioritise relationships and your knowledge about your child.  Our favourite African proverb is: ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ – at TLC we are honoured to be part of your village.