Risk Assessment Guidance


  • face-to-face appointments at home


Our therapists will be in touch no more than 12 hours before any appointments to carry out a risk assessment questionnaire for the household they intend to visit.


It is important that you answer questions honestly and inform the therapist if any members of the household are in the clinically vulnerable category or have been advised to shield.


It is the therapist's responsibility to cancel the appointment if they, or a member of their household, are symptomatic up to the date/time of the appointment and self-isolate (for min. 7 or 14 days from time when another member of the household became ill) or should they have been informed of exposure and are awaiting testing or results.


Our therapists will not wear PPE. They will wash hands and use hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes before entering the home. All members of the household present for the appointment should wash hands thoroughly with soap and water before the appointment.


Where possible appointments should occur in an outside space. If outside is not possible due to adverse weather then please use a room where sufficient space is available to maintain social distancing and please open windows and doors to allow fresh air flow through the room.


Please open doors/gates for the therapist and then stand back and maintain a distance of at least 1 m. The therapist will avoid touching door handles and will not shake hands.


Our therapists will use self-supplied alcohol-based hand sanitiser, or wash hands for 20 seconds with soap and water upon entering the environment and repeat throughout input. They will dry their hands with their own towel/paper towel and carry a bag for disposal. They may wear gloves if appropriate/available, but frequent hand sanitisation should be sufficient.


The therapist will maintain social distancing where possible (re. current government guidance) for all parts of the appointment and direct the child or parents as to the activity to be carried out.


For any equipment that requires handling by the therapist for demonstration they will wipe down the equipment with sanitiser/antibacterial wipes after each handling and wash hands.


Any paperwork will be emailed through in advance. Please do not pass any paperwork to the therapist.


Should the therapist feel that there is insufficient space or social distancing is not maintained they will terminate the session immediately.