Our occupational therapists are experts in child development, sensory integration and neuro-developmental difficulties.  At TLC we take time to listen and understand your child’s unique needs and how it impacts on family life and education.

What will be cartoonized?

We have 3 different options that can be cartoonized. We can do just the face, waist up, and full body cartoons. The prices are adjusted accordingly. Also, yes we can do multiple people in a photo. Family photos, friends, and people with their pets. The prices are also adjusted for that when you choose your cartoon option.

What if I want to include the background in my photo?

YES, we can include the background in the photo upon request. However, the prices will be adjusted according to the amount of details in the background.

Can you do logos as well?

Yes we have done logos for people in the past with their cartoons. Many people have requested this when creating a podcast, creating a new social media platform, or creating a design for a new product they are selling. We are excited to hear your requests.

How do I provide the best photo?

You can take a picture with your Phone or Camera. For the best result, make sure that the picture shows the entire face. In case of half/full body cartoons, make sure everything that you want cartoonized is shown on the picture.

Can I put my cartoon on clothing products or accessories?

Yes we can adapt your cartoon to be applied into custom products, such as hoodies, shirts, phone cases, laptop cases, mugs, and many other products. We don't manufacture and deliver physical products, but we adapt our cartoon size and design to your idea. For more information, email us at contact@thecartoonmaker.com or Direct Message us on Instagram.

How long does it take to receive the cartoon?

It normally takes up to 7 days to receive the cartoon depending on the number of people/pets in the photos. However, we will be in contact with you if we are finishing earlier than expected. If you have a special circumstance on why you need your cartoon earlier (birthday, anniversary, etc), send us a special request through the chat at the right bottom of this website.

What if I want changes on the cartoon after it is finished?

We are able to do 2 minor revisions in the photo which could consist of: 1. Changing a color in the photo
2. Minor size adjustments
3. Adjusting face/body part Revisions that I will NOT accept: 1. Changing the positioning of the person from the original photo
2. Adding things to the photo that were not in the original photo
3. Cartoonizing an entire new person in the photo, or completely changing the cartoon that I have already done.